"Lying to Congress is a felony."

The After Downing Street organizers had a terrific editorial in the Baltimore Sun last week (yes, I’m trying to tidy up and post the links I’ve been stashing away, after losing a couple days to jury duty). Here’s just a bit of it:

The evidence suggests that Mr. Bush has lied to Congress and to the American people about the justifications for war. It includes a formal letter and report that he submitted to Congress within 48 hours of launching the invasion in which he explained the need for the war in terms that appear to have been intentionally falsified, not mistaken.

Lying to Congress is a felony. Either lying to Congress about the need to go to war is a high crime, or nothing is.

AfterDowningStreet.org, a coalition of veterans groups, peace groups and other activist organizations, is urging Congress to introduce a Resolution of Inquiry that would require the House Judiciary Committee to hold formal investigations with the power of subpoena. The result would be a determination as to whether the president has committed impeachable offenses.

The NYT’s Scott Shane (is this a new guy?) provided fair and decent coverage of Conyer’s hearings on Thursday, unlike the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank.


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