Jeb Bush desperately needs a hobby…

I mean one besides using his apparently not-inconsiderable powers to interject the State of Florida into the most deeply personal and painful decisions individuals or their loved ones can make. Still smarting over their inability to completely invalidate the Constitution of the United States in the Schiavo case, Florida tried to block a 13-year old homeless girl from having an abortion. They finally gave up, perhaps because the 13-year old made quite a case for herself (from Feministing, via Atrios):

L.G., who told Alvarez she had run away at least five times from her youth shelter, maintained, “It would make no sense to have the baby.”

“I don’t think I should have the baby because I’m 13, I’m in a shelter and I can’t get a job,” the girl said as Alvarez and her guardian ad litem, assigned to shepherd her in the legal system, questioned her.

L.G. laid out different reasons for wanting an abortion.

“DCF would take the baby anyway,” she said, but later added: “If I do have it, I’m not going to let them take it.”

She also questioned the health risk of carrying the fetus to term.

“Since you guys are supposedly here for the best interest of me, then wouldn’t you all look at that fact that it’d be more dangerous for me to have the baby than to have an abortion?” she asked. Alvarez called that “a good point.”

Oh, by the way, abortion rates are up – that’s right, up – under Bush II (via the Village Gate.)


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