God only knows What’s the Matter with Kansas; I just want to know if it’s contagious…

Oh, how I wish I could spend more time on this. But I need to get a paper and a presentation done this weekend, and the first of four term papers must be well enough underway to be able to present on it Tuesday. (Thanks to abc for freshening up around here earlier this week!)

All I can do for now is point you to the coverage on the absurd Evolution Trial (are we calling this Evolution versus Kansas School Board?) here, here, here, here, and especially here and here. Then read this interesting review of a religious biography of Charles Darwin himself, and ask yourself what the fundies are afraid of…

The last time the Kansas School Board made atavists of themselves, in the late 90s, there was a very funny editorial cartoon (I’ve looked for a link but can’t find it; if I can find my copy I’ll stick it up here later) that depicted an agitated Koko-the-gorilla signing to her teacher Dr. Penny Patterson, with Patterson answering “I wouldn’t worry it about it, Koko. It’s only a rumor that the Kansas School Board is descended from apes.”


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