Can anything more be said on this sad affair?

Maybe just this: “For honest reporters, the Terri Schiavo case is something of a nightmare,” writes Brian Montopoli. To learn why, read his piece in the valuable CJRDaily. Given the amount of media attention devoted to this story, it is astonishing (or maybe just very disappointing) how little actual journalism is being practiced.


One thought on “Can anything more be said on this sad affair?

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  1. I don’t see what all the sturm and drang about reporting the Schiavo case in the media. The medical facts are extant and need reporting; the next thing, it seems to me, is to report positions on the case, reactions, etc. Then editorials. What is the press complaining about? If this is a basic ‘right to life’ issue, and “right” is viewed both as civil and religious, then this out to be sorted out as separate and distinct. To confuse civil and sacred “right” within “right to life” stirs everyone up because the referent is obscure. Argued one way will give one answer, argued the other will provide another. So “right to life” begs the question, “Which right?” They are separate and distinct by Constitutional definition(Church/State). The civil is legal, the religious is not. When are the fundamentalist gonna get this straight!? To upset things even more, the confusion of moral with religious is also embedded in all discussion as I see it, and to really anger people is to question faith in the proposition, held by many, that G-d exists only in the minds of people. Keep up the good work, MizM. Sir Real at MetaThink

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