A friend sent me this new essay by Bill Moyers. It’s a bit repetitious of his recent writings, but it never hurts to repeat observations like:

There are times when what we journalists see and intend to write about dispassionately sends a shiver down the spine, shaking us from our neutrality. This has been happening to me frequently of late as one story after another drives home the fact that the delusional is no longer marginal but has come in from the fringe to influence the seats of power. We are witnessing today a coupling of ideology and theology that threatens our ability to meet the growing ecological crisis.


Moyers spends some time looking at the role of fundamentalist readings of one of the most curious and fascinating texts, the Book of Revelation. For an interpretation that is both more authentic and meaningful for progressives, see this study by Wes Howard-Brook and Anthony Gwyther. (I long to teach this book in a Sunday school class, but have been rebuffed so far.)


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