Got this email plea from

Thursday 17 March 2005

Sorry guys the fund-raiser is going slowly so far, if you have not jumped in please do.

Please consider our monthly/quarterly support plans. One low payment per month or quarter is easier on your pocket and provides us a budget we can plan around.

Just click this link for our Secure donation form:

(t r u t h o u t is a non-profit independent news source. Your contributions are completely Tax Deductible.)

FOR LOW INCOME READERS: Don’t send cash, just help by spreading the word!

THE TO NEWSLETTER IS FREE! Your place on the TO mailing list is always free. We never cut anyone off for any reason.

REMINDER: The TO service is FREE to all. Donations are strictly voluntary. If you stop receiving the TO Newsletter please notify us at once.

Or if you prefer to donate by check:
Make payable to: truthout
P.O. Box 55871
Sherman Oaks, CA 91413-0871

To donate by Phone: (213) 489-1971

Thank you!

Marc Ash
Executive Director | t r u t h o u t

If you check their site as often as I do, you know they’re doing good work. Throw ’em a bone if you can. I’ll model the behavior and go do that right now.


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