The wierdness of this story notwithstanding, I have some quibbles with it. I have taken care of every kind and size of nonhuman primate from marmosets to gorillas (including – full disclosure – a stint at the organization in question) and – this might sound shocking to folks of such apparently delicate sensibilities – it’s kind of an “unsanitary” job. People who take care of animals are going to come in contact with feces and urine and regurgitated food and God knows what else. Does that need to be spelled out better in the classified ads? “Warning: people grossed out by poo and pee need not apply.” It doesn’t clean itself up, y’know. As for the “fetish” – it isn’t news to anyone who’s heard Robin Williams riff on late night television about his visit with Koko. Wierd and irritating, yes. “Bestiality”??? That’s a stretch. (And let’s just get this established: Yes, Koko asked; no, she didn’t get to see them. And despite my priggishness, I kept my job for several years and left on my own volition.) Frankly, I find the whole complaint hard to believe. A question for the expert at the Cleveland Zoo: How would you know if you ever encountered a gorilla with a nipple fetish? To the best of my knowledge, Koko is the only one who can talk about it…


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