One Nation, Under Smog

One Nation, Under Smog
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(This ad is in Roll Call today. Go here for more information on National Call-In Day, and for some good educational resources.) What will the US government be doing when the Kyoto Protocol goes into effect on Wednesday? “Debating” Bush’s Clear Skies Initiative, which permits even more industrial air pollution. Call the White House and let them know what you think: 1-800-675-9703. Call your senator, too: 1-800-349-0885.


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  1. It was interesting, being in Costa Rica recently, to hear how the Kyoto Protocol can actually work. Costa Rica is a country that wants to preserve–even restore–it’s tropical forest heritage. They’re working, under the Kyoto Protocol, to identify “services” these forests produce. They’ve identified measurable services, such as carbon sequestration, which they can provide as an offset to carbon production in other places. So, European countries will be paying Costa Rica to offset their carbon production by restoring forests. Costa Rica will sell bonds to raise funds that will be used to subsidize land owners to keep or restore forests. This subsidy makes it economically feasible to do this, instead of clearing forests for agricultural production. It’s a nice solution, and I was embarrassed as I was hearing this that my country not only refuses to participate in the Kyoto Protocols, but continues to increase it’s use of fossil fuels. And some Americans have the gall to ask Why do they hate us?

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