If the 52% who re-elected this president aren’t – as of today’s press conference – really regretting their decision, I’m scared of all of them. The (short-tempered, irritable, ill-prepared) president and his supporters. I’ll link to the transcript when I can find it (Update: it’s here.). In one gem of a statement, he acknowledged that we must be sensitive to mideast cultures and traditions and then said (essentially; I’ll find the exact quote when the transcript is up) he’d make them understand that democracy is superior. (Update:“And — and so I fully understand developing a democratic society in the — adhering to the traditions and customs of other nations will be a work in process. That’s why I said we’re talking about the work of generations. And so in my talks, in my discussions with world leaders to solve the problem of the day, I will constantly remind them about our strong belief that democracy is the way forward.” And – my mistake – it wasn’t specifically about the Middle East.) He insulted, snapped, “misled,” twitched, grimaced, clenched his teeth… He told a reporter he was acting like a “senior citizen”: “faulty memory.” He barked answers. He told reporters he would only call on the ones who didn’t yell. He interrupted a reporter before she managed to ask her question and then completely mischaracterized her question. This angry, impatient man is in charge of our “security”? God help us. I’ll try to link to the transcript before my power goes off this morning.


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