19-year old Web, sunning

“Friday Cat Blogging”
Originally uploaded by mizm_sf.

I figure this blog hasn’t really earned its stripes until it contributes to the Friday Cat Blogging phenomenon. Above is 19-year old, 7.5 pound Web, who is one of the sprightliest 19-year old cats you’ll ever meet. This is her favorite early morning spot for sunning.


2 thoughts on “19-year old Web, sunning

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  1. Aww! How cute! I have an 18-year-old cat. When our apartment was not in a basement, she sunned herself like that. Now she “suns” under a desk lamp that I turn on just for her, since our windows are so close to the ceiling.

  2. Well, cats may bring some libs & cons together, but it will undoubtedly cause new rifts. I think we need to start Monday dog blogging.

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