Well, this is ironic. I was intending to pop online yesterday – and hope to again later today – in part to note that I have read a couple of nice comments lately, and wanted to acknowledge them. It’s nice to have thoughtful feedback. But “John” below surprised me with a protest to my “hateful post” linking to Kevin Drum’s malpractice analysis. All I can say is – Wow! Please re-read that post, John – and any other readers who found “knee-jerk liberalism” therein. Even reading between the very brief lines, you could only infer that I agree malpractice happens. And when it does, there have to be protections in place – for everyone. As for your conjecture that I make no effort to understand people who devote their lives to healing — good grief, I almost wonder if you’re confusing my brief post with someone else’s. I linked to a study; I didn’t tar a profession. I not only appreciate and try to understand physicians and other healers; I spend a great deal of my time with them! They would make my life very uncomfortable if they thought I make the kinds of sweeping judgements you describe.

Now, I must get ready for church, and then I must finish the basement. A furnace is actually coming this week. But I’ll check back later with odds and ends I’ve been storing up. Again, thanks for the comments folks – even John’s. It shows you’re reading. (But please, lighten up on the “mindreading.”) Peace.


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