The Unreality-Based community —

A new study confirms and expands on what a study last month warned: Bush backers are frighteningly ill-informed about their candidate’s policies and stands, and seem to project their own beliefs onto him. You know, I want to think better of Bush supporters; I want to think that they work as hard as I do to educate themselves on issues and world events and projected outcomes and policy objectives, and that despite that, we have very different views and arrive at very different conclusions. But they’re making it harder for me. I’m used to asking “What are they thinking?!” Now I’m starting to ask “ARE they thinking?!” Great legions of people who get their “information” from Fox News, the RNC, Bush/Cheney campaign events, and the pulpits preaching Rovespeak, and from their own fantasy image of Bush — they will decide our future if we fail to get out (and protect!) the vote.

Yeah, we knew that —

A federal judge says Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell can’t be trusted, and went so far as to say he “apparently seeks to accomplish the same result in Ohio in 2004 that occurred in Florida in 2000.”

We knew that, too —

About that “slam-dunk”? George Tenet apparently told an audience that the war in Iraq was “wrong.” (Via Josh Marshall, here’s the original story.)


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