“That’s why I proposed a hydrogen automobile – hydrogen-generated automobile.” — GW Bush, last night

Is that anything like inventing the internet?

Here’s the transcript. Bush was certainly better than last week, and his hair didn’t look like his handlers were trying to hide an earpiece, but the differences between these two men in their command of facts couldn’t be clearer. And Bush still couldn’t control his temper. He barked at questioners, he barked at Charlie Gibson, he snickered to himself, his eyelids fluttered uncontrollably whenever he disliked what Kerry was saying and wasn’t allowed to jump up and interrupt… This frightening man — short-tempered, hair-triggered, unrepentant, unreasoning, indignant, intolerant of questioning or caution — is the Commander in Chief of the largest, most powerful, most high-tech military in the world. How bone-chilling is that?

But this time the back of his suit jacket didn’t have that strange bulge. We all saw it (despite initial White House efforts to suggest that the photo racing around the internet was “doctored”). I thought it was a microphone transmitter of some kind (I was watching a rebroadcast, too late at night to wonder why he would need that along with a microphone at the podium). I thought his hair was pretty fuzzy at the sides — and only noticed it because I remember the long on-camera “grooming” segment in Fahrenheit 9/11, which showed us that presidential handlers are very attentive to cosmetic details. And I wondered which of the voices in his head he was speaking to when he barked “let me finish!” But it honestly didn’t occur to me that there really were voices in his head.

More later — I’m finally getting caught up on class work!

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