From today’s Daily Mislead:

The White House is currently attacking those who raise questions about President Bush’s National Guard record. They say the questions about Bush’s failure to fulfill his commitment are “dirty politics.”1 Yet a look at the record shows that it was President George H.W. Bush – and his top campaign strategist George W. Bush – who tried to smear the National Guard and military record of their opponents.

As reported in the August 23, 1988 Los Angeles Times, then Vice President George H.W. Bush’s campaign co-chairman John Sununu went on national television to impugn an opponent’s dealings with the National Guard during Vietnam. Sununu specifically claimed Sen. Lloyd Bentsen (D-TX) had improperly helped get his son into the Texas National Guard during Vietnam. Bentsen’s son served in the very same National Guard unit at the very same time as George W. Bush. The Bush campaign’s attacks came just days after Bush’s allies on Capitol Hill launched a vicious attack on Gov. Michael Dukakis (D-MA) for receiving a draft deferment during the Korean War.2

At the time of the coordinated attack, George W. Bush was serving as a senior adviser to his father’s campaign.3


1.”New Questions On Bush National Guard Duty ,”, 9/08/04.

2. “Report that Bentsen Got Son into National Guard Also Denied; Dukakis Angry about Charge of Avoiding Korean War,” Los Angeles Times, 8/23/88.

3., 9/04.

What goes around… Well, sometimes.


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