No comment needed —

“The Bushites are using federal, state and local police to conduct an undeclared war against dissent, literally incarcerating Americans who publicly express their disagreements with him and his policies.” Read the rest of Jim Hightower here.

Looking for terrorists in all the wrong places —

The FBI has their priorities in order: they’re fanning across the country, looking for people who might be planning protests at the Republican National Convention. SFGATE has more today.

Why Bush can’t run on his record —

This is fabulous, Missions Accomplished: Lowlights of the Bush Administration, by Craig Aaron. Dubious “achievements” of the Bushies for every single month of this (hopefully) 4-year descent into autocracy. Read it and weep.

Staying on message —

Yes, I know this White House is known for its “on-message discipline,” but there can’t be anyone better than Scott McClellan. Frankly, he strikes me as not terribly sharp – which may be why he’s so good at repeating the same words over and over. But today’s press “gaggle” (via Josh Marshall) shows Scotty at his robotic best, refusing to condemn the Swift Boat Smear campaign. (How many times has he used the word “shadowy” this week alone?) The White House continues to claim no involvement, despite increasingly overwhelming evidence that they are absolutely in on it. Meanwhile, Kerry has launched new ads and filed suit.

Let’s end on a good note —

Celebrating this very classy move by the Boy Wonder, Michael Phelps.


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