Maybe Al Qaeda wants us to vote for Nader? —

A good roundup of thoughts on “pre-election terror plots” here.

George Bush showed his true colors early —

Here is an action photo of collegiate Bush sucker-punching a rugby opponent. (Actually, we could argue that his colors were shown even earlier.)

Why, you’d almost think they don’t really want to win the war on terror —

after reading this.

The Leave No Pharmaceutical Corporation Behind Act —

is ticking off seniors.

But just in case you were thinking of importing cheaper drugs from Canada —

The administration devised a new and even more cynical scare tactic: FDA Commissioner Crawford says Al Qaeda may try to tamper with illegally imported prescription drugs! DAMN, these guys are good.

Molly Ivins —

Tries to explain to Canadians why even 45% of the US might vote for Bush, and finds she can’t.

What happens in peoples’ boardrooms is their own business —

I’ve just started reading Robert Reich’s REASON: WHY LIBERALS WILL WIN THE BATTLE FOR AMERICA and, on the train this morning, came to his discussion about what Sen Daniel Moynihan called “defining deviancy down,” leading to lower and lower expectations for good behavior, and how radical conservatives choose to apply this exclusively to sexual behavior when it’s actually “our current condition with regard to the greed and financial corruption that now infects America” (radical conservatives, according to Reich, think fraudulent accounting, insider trading, tax evasion and the like should be private acts, while sex outside of marriage, homosexuality, abortion and divorce should be legislated). Perhaps this misplaced obsession explains why yet another story about Halliburton’s burgeoning corruption, this one involving their inability to account for the staggering sum of 1.8 billion dollars allegedly spent in Iraq, is greeted with gaping yawns from the Right?

Big surprise —

Global demand for oil is even higher than anticipated, which means Cheney really was brilliantly prescient when he argued that we should invade Iraq and seize their oil fields.

Everything’s under control —

“I know what I’m doing when it comes to winning this war…” Dubya, yesterday.

We’re not turning the corner, afterall —

I was listening to CNN last night and heard a remarkably detailed report about BushCo’s decision to stop using the phrase “turning the corner” in Bush’s stump speeches because Dems are making too much hay with it. Yep, they’re all over the language thing… Hard to believe that was a feature news story, but then again, issues are so hard to cover.


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