I’m heading back to the left coast today, but wanted to share the first paragraphs of the headline story in today’s Courier, “Kerry turns up heat in BG”:

If Americans have grown apathetic about the democratic process, it couldn’t be seen on Main Street, Bowling Green, on Sunday.

A crowd estimated at 8,000 or more stood shoulder-to-shoulder for two hours, braving the midday heat to wait for the arrival of Sen. John F. Kerry.

Hundreds more had to be turned away, according to organizers.

There’s also an interesting story on page 3 about manure runoff from mega-dairy farms (where 22,600 cows produce 2.8 million pounds of manure a day; that’s vivid, isn’t it?) possibly contributing to the 6,300 square mile “dead zone” in Lake Erie — “an oxygen-depleted area where fish cannot live.” Geez.


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