It’s Edwards

Thank God.

The fall guys —

Fixing to make sure the CIA is entirely to blame for the administration’s zeal:

“In hindsight, the Senate panel and many other intelligence officials now agree that there was little effort within the American intelligence community before the war to question the basic assumption that Mr. Hussein was still seeking to produce illicit weapons. Evidence that fit that assumption was embraced; evidence to the contrary was ignored or seen as part of a clever Iraqi disinformation campaign.”

News to me —

Blair thinks Washington is softening on the Kyoto Protocol? From WaPo:

“Blair also suggested the U.S. position was softening on the Kyoto protocol, and that Washington now accepted the scientific arguments. ‘I do not think we should give up on the dialogue with the United States,’ the prime minister said. ‘I think they accept the science. The question is what do you do about it? That is in itself a significant change that we need to build upon.’ ” (He also admits we might never find the Weapons of Mass Deception Destruction.)

I wasn’t invited —

But bloggers will cover both conventions.

We knew it looked staged —

And it was!

King George II —

What to do.

Economy —

Boom or bust?

Days to Regime Change —

Click here when you need a lift.


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