See Condi spin —

I didn’t get a chance to post anything over the weekend, so by now you’ve probably seen or read Condi’s spectacularly contrived reinterpretation of what the 9/11 Commission meant to say in their report…

Never said it —

It doesn’t seem to matter that the administration keeps getting caught in outright lies and contradictions of earlier taped and published statements, because they just keep doing it. But for the record, here’s another gem from Cheney. (Um, was Gloria Borger even listening???)

Maybe she’s just jealous? —

If you read this profile of Kerry in today’s Times, it was hard to miss Wilgoren’s sledgehammering attempts to show us that Kerry is very rich. But in case you did miss them, the Daily Howler is on it. When do you suppose we can expect Wilgoren’s piece on the holidays and living quarters of Bush’s multi-millionaire cabinet? Maybe when she stops working for their campaign.

Bush, Dry Drunk? —

This not entirely implausible analysis must be getting a lot of hits today, because it’s up on the Google news site, at least for now. (The theory is not new, but this article is.)

Another book —

This one alleging that Al Qaeda will attack in order to keep Bush in office, because no administration has been better for their cause.

The Global Gag Rule hits UNICEF –

Body and Soul has a terrific post on Bush Co’s Global Gag Rule.


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