Feeling safer, yet? —

Remember the much ballyhooed State Department report last month announcing that terror attacks were at an all-time low? Um, make that an all-time high. Apparently, quite a few attacks didn’t make it into the tally, and the report is being reissued. One official blamed it on a printing deadline; another said it was a “clerical error” caused when another department took over the reporting.

Non-white voters need not arrive —

Via Tapped, Native American voters are apparently being discouraged from reporting to the polls in South Dakota. Where Daschle happens to be in a tightly contested race.

Another reason for Republicans to hate the French —

They might ban SUVs from Paris streets!

Oh, and that flight the White House said never happened? —

Happened. Joshua Marshall caught the item.

And as long as you’re on his site, read this. House Republicans are trying to create wiggle room for clergy to engage in partisan politics without endangering their church’s tax-exempt status, tacking the provision onto a jobs bill.


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