But it’s different when you’re a REPUBLICAN Catholic —

Amy Sullivan notes that Illinois Senator Dick Durbin (D) has released a study assessing the voting records of Catholic senators, on issues about which the Catholic church has taken a stand. Durbin found that he and fellow Catholic Senator John Kerry (D) supported Catholic positions 60% of the time, where Catholic Republican Rick Santorum voted with the church ony 40% of the time. Sullivan writes:

An outraged Santorum took to the phones yesterday to charge that the study was “a selective attempt to make John Kerry and a bunch of liberal Democrats who disagree with the church’s teaching look like faithful Catholics.” Well, imagine that. Totally different from a selective attempt to make John Kerry and a bunch of liberal Democrats look like unfaithful Catholics. Because Lord knows Santorum is okay with that.

Will they put the campaign literature in the pews? —

The Bush campaign has emailed 1600 Pennsylvania churches (get it? 1600 Pennsylvania?) looking for campaign volunteers to coordinate their efforts among church goers “friendly to President Bush…”

This is rich —

Bush has more millionaires and multi-millionaires in his cabinet alone than any recent administration, and they are attacking Kerry’s wealth??? Of course, we expect this kind of blatantly double standard from the same campaign who attacked Kerry for quoting scripture

A less rabid voice in the wilderness —

Mainline churches have sent an open letter to Congress opposing a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. “Although we have differing opinions on rights for same-sex couples, we believe the Federal Marriage Amendment reflects a fundamental disregard for individual civil rights and ignores differences among our nation’s many religious traditions…

Oh, and nothing to be alarmed about, but…

The Pentagon cannot account for all of its stinger missiles. Yes, the ones that terrorists can use to bring down commercial aircraft.

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