Turnabout is fair play —

Americans United for Separation of Church and State wants the IRS to revoke the tax- exempt status of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Colorado Springs – where Bishop Michael Sheridan has instructed Catholics that they may not receive communion if they vote for politicians who back abortion rights. (Thanks for the heads-up, A.)

Bush leads in campaign lies —

Why won’t someone in the media just say it? He LIES. “Untruths” is the best Dana Milbank can do, but at least he’s writing about it here.

And Bush leads in misuse of taxpayer funds —

He uses Air Force One for campaign travel more than any preceding president.

Meanwhile, at an undisclosed location —

— Cheney is still helping to run Halliburton. This Time magazine scoop asserting that Cheney coordinated a major Iraq deal for Halliburton in 2003 would be just shocking if anyone believed Cheney in 2000 when he claimed to have given up his financial and decision-making interest in Halliburton. Thankfully, I didn’t believe him then, either, so I’m much better prepared to absorb this news.

Leave No Pharmaceutical Company Behind —

Seniors appear to be both under- and overwhelmed by Bush Co’s Leave No Pharmaceutical Company Behind drug card program. Underwhelmed by the savings, and overwhelmed by the labyrinthine application process. Atrios spotted this wonderful flow(less) chart on the Hoeffel (PA) campaign site; it goes a long way toward explaining seniors’ lack of enthusiasm.


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