Ridding the world of Evil Doers and nearby civilians —

This is just nauseating. And so is this.

Death by taxes —

Here is an introduction to (or update on, if you already knew about it) The Religious Freedom Tax Fund Bill.

Draftees have been given alternatives to serve their country non-militarily. Tax law, however, continues to draft the tax dollars of conscientious objectors who see no moral difference between killing and paying for someone else to kill… In a country founded on ideals of freedom of religion and belief, shouldn’t conscientious objectors to military taxation be given a way to pay their taxes without paying for war?

Go here for even more info, and to support the effort!

Gore nailed it on the head —

Al Gore, quoted in this outtake from the new David Brock book, The Republican Noise Machine:

Something will start at the Republican National Committee, inside the building, and it will explode the next day on the right-wing talk-show network and on Fox News and in the newspapers that play this game, the Washington Times and the others. And then they’ll create a little echo chamber, and pretty soon they all start baiting the mainstream media for allegedly ignoring the story they’ve pushed into the zeitgeist. And then pretty soon the mainstream media goes out and disingenuously takes a so-called objective sampling, and lo and behold, these RNC talking points are woven into the fabric of the zeitgeist…

I guess the quote originally came from an interview Gore gave the New York Observer (see this review of Eric Alterman’s terrific What Liberal Media? for some context). If I read it before, I’d forgotten it; but he certainly captured what we’re seeing and reading in the “news” media today!

Brilliant campaign strategy —

Take credit for all the things Congress managed to accomplish despite your vigorous opposition and obstruction! That’s got Rove and Racinot all over it!

Kubi —

…didn’t make it. Here is the story.


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