The new CNN poll —

A new CNN poll has Kerry over Bush 51% to 46%, and 49% to 44% with Narcissis [6%] in the matchup. But —

Kerry and Bush are essentially tied over who would handle Iraq better — 46 percent to 43 percent.


Bush appears to have an advantage over Kerry on the war on terrorism with 49 percent saying he would do a better job, compared to 42 percent for Kerry.

Help me understand this. The war on Iraq IS Bush’s “War on Terror!” It’s the whole enchilada! The efforts of the skeleton crew left in Afghanistan were compromised from the moment Bush asked for a war plan for Iraq and permitted the illegal redirection of funds approved by Congress for Afghanistan. The Department-of-Homeland-Security-That-Bush-First-Opposed-And-Then-Took-Credit-For has been severely underfunded since its inception. Yes, the “War on Terror” gave the Justice Department the authority to track our library book choices and banking transactions, but the really big money is going to Iraq. If he’s screwing up in Iraq, how can people still trust him to wage the “War on Terror?”


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