Let the windfalls begin…

…companies that won approval from Thompson’s department to be the first Medicare drug discount card providers spent at least $35 million lobbying in 2003, and their executives and lobbyists donated or raised hundreds of thousands of dollars more for Bush’s re-election effort, an Associated Press review found.

Do you suppose they’re being exempted from the abuse?

70-90% of the Iraqi prisoners detained by “coalition” forces were “arrested by mistake,” according to the Red Cross (ICRC). But something else is bugging me about this statement: “The Swiss-based ICRC, which made 29 visits to coalition-run prisons and camps between late March and November last year, said it repeatedly presented its reports of mistreatment to prison commanders, U.S. military officials in Iraq and members of the Bush administration in Washington.” Why didn’t the ICRC give up and “go public” with these reports to the international media, since the administration was clearly ignoring or suppressing the evidence?

Talk about “nuance” —

Last week they claimed to be blindsided by the reports of prisoner abuse. But look at the president’s words yesterday: “In January, shortly after reports of abuse became known to our military, an investigation was launched. Today, several formal investigations led by senior military officials are under way.” Yessir, they were right on top of it!

Peregrines Gas and Electric —

We need a story like this. A pair of peregrine falcons are nesting on the PG&E building in downtown SF! Palemale WHO?


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