David Brock is the ex-conservative character assassin who “came clean” in the book Blinded by the Right. His new project is a website, Media Matters, that promises to be a terrific watchdog resource. (I learned of it through Eric Alterman’s blog this morning, but Common Dreams and others are linking to it, also.) But it will only work if journalists and media consumers alike actually use the information to hold the “misleaders” accountable. Vote with your feet, vote with your dollars, vote with your remote!

First George Soros and now Warren Buffet: Two of the richest men in the world are committed to regime change in the United States.

This story just keeps getting worse. Here is the Seymour Hersh New Yorker piece you’ve probably heard about. Over the weekend, I heard at least one commentator suggest that the abuse of Iraqi prisoners, deplorable though it was, was instigated by reservists with no training in the Geneva Conventions – as if that fact somehow explained it. So THANK YOU! to Joshua Marshall who linked to one of those stories (actually, he linked to Newsday, but I can’t make the link work here) and then observed: “A question: Can this possibly matter? Perhaps as a fine point of law this would be relevant in court-martial proceeding. And the tolerance or intolerance of these soldiers’ commanding officers for this behavior is relevant. But surely no formal training in the Geneva Convention guidelines should be needed to warn people off these sorts of outrages.”


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