During 2001, a vandal destroyed 600 books in The San Francisco Public Library, selecting the books almost exclusively from the Gay and Lesbian section – although in his freakish obsession, he also destroyed books by authors with “Gay” in their name (such as Gay Talese and Peter Gay) and even volumes on the Catholic Church’s position on homosexuality. So, perhaps, not the brightest of vandals. In any case, he was eventually caught when frustrated librarians staked him out. The library’s healing response was to make the vandalized volumes available to any artist who wanted to incorporate them in a work of art, to be displayed this spring in a gallery showing at the library, called “Reversing Vandalism.” For those of you who can’t visit the library gallery, Lisa Davis provides us with this wonderful slide-show/essay. Click directly on the photos to advance to the next one (if there’s an arrow to click to advance the photos, it wasn’t visible in my browser window). Here is a good story about the genesis of the exhibit.

For some reason, it’s National Poetry Month. Figured I should mention it before it’s over. Which reminds me: Poetry Magazine has a nice feature – a new poem online everyday. I’ve been trying to establish a practice of going either there, or here (many of which read like poetry), each morning before I scan the news headlines. Sometimes it makes the headlines a little less ugly (unless the poem is particularly bad).

Maybe the sycophant who took over Bob Woodward’s body to write Bush at War has been exorcised.

Finally, I know these suggested (anonymous?) campaign bumperstickers are making the email rounds, so I’ll once again spare you the mass forward by putting a few here. It’s so hard to pick a favorite, but I’m listing my choice first:

Who would Jesus Bomb?

Bush/Cheney ’04:

Four More Wars!

Bush/Cheney ’04:

Apocalypse Now!

Bush/Cheney ’04:

Compassionate Colonialism.

Bush/Cheney ’04:

Leave no billionaire behind.

Bush/Cheney ’04:

Over a billion Whoppers served.

Bush/Cheney ’04:

Thanks for not paying attention.

Bush/Cheney ’04:

The last vote you’ll ever have to cast.

Bush/Cheney ’04:

We’re Gooder!

Vote Bush in ’04:

“I Has Incumbentory Advantitude”

Bush/Cheney ’04:

“Leave no child a dime!”


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